Here is what people are saying about Why Hospitals Should Fly: The Ultimate Flight Plan to Patient Safety and Quality Care.  

“This book is a tour de force, and no one but John Nance could have written it.  He, alone, masters in one mind the fields of aviation, healthcare safety, medical malpractice law, organizational sociology, media communication, and, as if that were not enough, the art of fine writing. Only he could have made sophisticated, scientifically disciplined instruction about the nature and roots of safety into a page-turner.  Medical care has a ton yet to learn from the decades of progress that have brought aviation to unprecedented levels of safety, and, in instructing us all about those lessons, John Nance is not just a bridge-builder–he is the bridge. This book should be required reading for anyone willing to face the facts about what it will take for healthcare to be as safe as it truly can be.”

Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP
Former President and CEO
Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

“Framed as fiction, but heavily laced with lessons from the real world, the story of St Michael’s transformation to a culture of safety shows how it can be done. There are no bleeding hearts in this story. The protagonists, both those who have changed and the skeptical visitor, are all hard-nosed realists, people who work on the front line of medicine where egos are big, tradition is strong, change is difficult and the stakes are immense. They know it is difficult, and they have scars to show for it. But more importantly, they show it is possible. You want to know what a culture of safety in healthcare is like? Start reading.”

Lucian L. Leape, MD
Jefferson Medical College

“I can’t think of anyone active at the national scene in quality and safety in healthcare who could have written a book like this one. Nance is a formidable character in real life, as a decorated military pilot, attorney, television celebrity and global airline safety expert. In addition, he is a recognized award-winning writer who knows how to tell a story and create lasting and impressive characters. In this book, John has brought together all of his formidable skills to create a story full of drama, pride, motivation and outright wonder. He takes a seemingly bland subject like improving the safety of medical care and tells a story that is heartfelt and compelling. I can truly say that Nance’s book reads like a novel and I simply couldn’t put it down.”

David B. Nash, MD, MBA
Founding Dean of the Jefferson College of Population Health